174 Stonelaw Road, Burnside, Glasgow, G733PB

About Tollcross Garage

About Tollcross Garage

1954 – James Middleton sells his first vehicle. The idea for Tollcross Garage was conceived in 1954 when Mr James Middleton, bought, restored and sold his first motorbike.

1961 – Tollcross Garage opens its doors. By 1961 James had developed his idea and opened up a combined showroom, mechanics and body-shop at Corbet Street, Glasgow.

1987 – James’ son-in-law, Lewis, joins Tollcross Garage. Lewis worked as a full-time Physics teacher, but developed a taste for the automotive business after helping out his father-in-law. With Christmas approaching Lewis would sell his car to raise funds for family presents. This much-loved hobby developed into his main career and Lewis remains a Director of Tollcross Garage today.

1992 – James retires and the business relocates. When James retired, Lewis relocated the business to the family home in the South Side of Glasgow. As a result of the excellent reputation and business relationships built over the years, the Tollcross Garage name was retained (although the original premises were sold to developers).

2000 – Lewis’ son David becomes Co-Director of Tollcross Garage. A love of automotives runs in the family, as by the age of 14, David had bought and sold his first car. After spending many of his childhood years roaming auction halls and playing in MOT stations, David became Co-Director of Tollcross Garage in 2000.

Today – Tollcross Garage is still proud to be a family business. Lewis and David still run Tollcross Garage, with the pride and service that is unique to a family-run business. The business can now provide a wide range of automotive services, via its network of vetted, professional contacts, whilst still offering a single, reliable point of contact. Tollcross Garage remains a professional and trustworthy family business which has been buying and selling cars for over 50 years.

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