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Selling your car with Tollcross

Selling your car

If you have a car to sell there are three possible ways in which we may be able to help you:

  • Sell your car directly to Tollcross Garage
  • Part-exchange
  • Sale or return

Sell your car directly to Tollcross Garage. If you would like us to make you an offer on your vehicle then please contact us for a quote.

Part-exchange is offered on all cars originally supplied by Tollcross Garage. If we did not supply your car, part-exchange will depend on meeting our standands.

If you would like a part-exchange appraisal of your car, then please contact us with details and we will arrange to view your car and provide a valuation.

Sale or return is essentially like selling your car privately, but with Tollcross Garage handling the enquiries. This service aims to allow you to achieve the maximum value for your car, with the minimum effort on your part. We will also give you free advice on the true value and sale-ability of your car.

Some of the many great benefits of sale or return are:

  • No advertising costs to outlay
  • Avoid time-wasters
  • We can offer finance for your buyer
  • Increase the number of potential buyers – many people prefer the security of buying from a dealer
  • We may already have a client waiting for your car
  • If we are unable to find a buyer, or you find a buyer and want to deal directly with them, then we will simply return your car. Sale or return is an ideal, hassle-free way to sell your car.